Performance appraisal

Performance appraisal: understand its importance

Performance appraisal is a methodology that every professional should participate at least once during their career. After all, this tool is essential for more informed feedback and to assist in the employee’s trajectory within the company. In addition, when the HR or manager uses the tool effectively, they can more clearly observe the best talent development and more […]

Performance appraisal

Best Performance appraisal: what it is, methods and importance

If the answer is no, it is worth rethinking, as this tool has great potential to improve the people management process . Starting from different perspectives, indicators and parameters, it is possible to obtain information about the organization’s human capital , Performance appraisal will serve as a basis for a more assertive management. Knowing the behavioral profile , skills, strengths […]

Appraisal Methods

What Are The Main Performance Appraisal Methods?

If the intention is to evaluate Performance Appraisal, there are several paths to take, both objective and subjective. However, for this dynamic to be coherent within an organization, it is necessary to adhere to one or more methodologies, ensuring the application of the same rules for all evaluators and evaluated. Below, we present some recognized methods, which […]

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