We saw above that assessments that value employee motivation are more assertive, as they contribute to a good organizational climate.

They also empower employees, so that they themselves acquire the habit of seeking excellence.

In this sense, a simple assessment can follow three basic steps , mentioned in this content from the Endeavor network of entrepreneurs:

Daily Appraisal Of Employee Behavior

During the routine, the actions, reactions, limitations and evolution of the evaluated are observed, encompassing the interpersonal relationship and commitment to work.

Problem Identification

Wrong attitudes are pointed out and analyzed with the employee, in order to find solutions to correct them.

In this way, the employee has a direct participation in the actions and sees opportunities for improvement, becoming more productive.

Conducting Periodic Interviews

They are nothing more than programmed feedbacks , which serve to verify the efficiency of the implemented measures and the employee’s satisfaction with the work.

Indicators are parameters that serve to evaluate several things, including the performance of your team.

They provide greater objectivity and clarity , establishing specific measures that express the desired result in relation to an analyzed category.

Below, we list four basic indicators that cannot be missing from your performance evaluation system.

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  1. Productivity indicators : show a relationship between the period of dedication and the result obtained. For example, closing 5 new contracts per week.
  2. Quality indicators : reveal deviations, that is, results outside a quality standard. For example, for every 100 products manufactured, 5 have defects.
  3. Capacity indicators : describe the production or delivery potential of a company resource – in this case, human resources. For example, a secretary is capable of delivering up to 50 reports per month.
  4. Strategic indicators : allow a comparison between the current situation and the objective defined by the team. For example, if there is a production target of 200 items per month and, in the last month, 100 were produced, it means that the team is halfway to achieving the expected result.
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